20 Windows 8 Themes for your PC

Routinely sitting in front of a PC, whether you are browsing or working can become monotonous and robotic. You can infuse a little life into your workspace by decking up your PC with various wallpapers and  themes. Sometimes it can be some random natural sceneries that lift your spirits, otherwise it can be the sights of an autumn evening in a park that can mellow your minds, or a festive theme for the holidays that can keep you cheerful through the day. Whatever be your frame of mind, there’s a theme that can bring a smile to your face and in this post, we attempt to bring you a huge collection of Windows 8 themes from Microsoft and 3rd party sites that are sure to interest you.

20 Windows 8 Themes for Your PC

Third Party Themes

Some third party Windows themes require you to patch the UxTheme.dll file on your PC before you can install them. To do that, you must download the UXTheme Multi-Patcher 13.1 file, extract it to your PC. On the tool’s home screen, uncheck Set Windows X’s Live as default homepage. If you want the Aero glass transparency effect, you can enable that option. Click Patch. Wait for a few minutes for it to complete the process. You will get a message that you can start using 3rd party visual styles. Then just download any of these 3rd party themes that tickle your fancy and enjoy!

Wonderful Nature Theme

wonderful nature theme - 20 Windows 8 Themes

This is a wonderful collection of 30 scenic images of multi colored leaves, gorgeous looking flowers, and icicle trees. A feast for the senses for sure.

Visual Styles 8 Theme Anime Tokisaki Kurumi

Visual Styles 8 Theme Anime Tokisaki Kurumi

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The Kurumi Windows 8 theme is a bit of a pain to install. It opens as an EXE file and you must note down a couple of passwords (one on the Download link page and one inside the installation wizard) but its worth the trouble as the 29 odd screens bring you the most wonderful anime collection to your desktop. There’s a cute little song as well that plays when you open up the PC.

Windows 8.1 HD 3D Theme

Windows 8.1 HD 3D Theme

A stunning collection of 75 HD images on various subjects. With images from Captain America and Batman to natural scenic shots from around the world, this Windows theme pack will impress you a lot.

Turtle Theme

turtle theme

If you have a thing for turtles, you’ll enjoy 21 fascinating HD shots of the creatures in the deep blue ocean, riding along with a shoal of fish, or simply swimming alone in crystal clear waters. There’s even one taking a sunbath on a beach that you’ll like.

Full HD Mountain Theme for Windows 8.1

Third party Windows 8 theme - Full HD Mountain Theme

60 of the best scenic spots in the world come together in this wonderful theme. A rainbow streaking across the canyon skies, snow covered mountains, deep valleys and starry night skies all beautifully come together to offer a refreshing look for your Windows desktop.

Jennifer Lawrence Windows 8 Theme

Jennifer Lawrence Windows 8 Theme

If you are a fan of the talented Jennifer Lawrence, pick up this cool Windows 8 theme of the actress in various poses. There are 10 HQ backgrounds in all that is a perfect fit for your Windows 8 and Windows RT PC and tablets.

New Beautiful Theme for Windows 8

New Beautiful Theme for Windows 8

The New Beautiful Theme for Windows 8 features some rather peculiar images that might tickle your fancy. A giant glass rubik cube in the middle of a desert, meteors shooting through the cosmos, a newspaper with coffee stains and a stone wall with a couple of colored stones sticking out are just some of scenes available in this one. Not your average collection of scenes, but I’d say its worth a pick.

Red Fox Windows 8 Theme

red fox windows 8 theme

Get foxy with 10 stunning images of red foxes in their natural habitat in this beautiful Windows 8 theme.

Full HD Theme

full hd theme

45 great looking images adorn this wonderful theme from cars and motorbikes to shiny guns, skull and bones, ethereal women, tourist hotspots and scenic locations from around the world.

Landscape Theme

landscape theme

29 more gorgeous images are lined up in the Landscape theme and if you just can’t get enough of running steams, gorgeous sunsets you can take a look at this one. It also includes stunning shots of water and some surf babes.

Vanilla 8.1

vanilla 8.1

This gorgeous theme has a cool collection of wallpapers but also offers some additional assets such as a dockbar and rainmaker skin.

If you are not comfortable with third party Windows themes, simply go for the more safer Windows themes from Microsoft. Here are a few of them you might fancy.

Milky Way

milky way

The night sky as you’ve never seen before. Enjoy 9 stunning images of star studded skies in the beautiful Milky Way theme for Windows 8.



You’d be surprised how something as ordinary as a footpath can look so beautiful. 11 breathtaking trails from country lanes to wooden stairs can take your mind off the daily grind.

Monochromatic Moods

monochromatic moods theme

Too many gorgeous themes distracting you from your work? Get monochromatic with 20 stunning black and white photos from photographer Mark Nelson in the Monochromatic Moods theme for Windows 8.

Scenes from Yosemite

scenes from yosemite

Enjoy 15 breathtaking photos from photographer Ingo Scholtes of mountain peaks and waterfalls from California’s Yosemite National Park in Scenes from Yosemite.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Not everyone is privileged to see the gorgeous northern lights in the night skies of the arctic regions. Bring the wonderful Aurora Borealis Windows 8 theme to the desktop and enjoy 8 of the most amazing night sky views right on your desktop.

GTGraphics 3

GTGraphics 3

Sci-fi, aliens, and medieval worlds come together in this gorgeous fantasy themed Windows 8 theme.



8 mesmerizing images that I leave to the best to your imagination for descriptive analysis.

Alan Wake

alan wake

Enjoy 12 engaging scenes from the popular video game for Xbox 360 Alan Wake.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare theme

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to super charge your day and if you love Plants versus Zombies as much as I do, you’ll want to grab this cool video game inspired theme for your PC.

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