How to Use the New Google Docs Research Tool

No tech writer wants to seem behind the curve, but I'll admit that I had no idea that Google's new Research tool was coming until it appeared on the right side of my Docs window. I should have known the New Google Docs Research Tool was coming, not simply because I watch Google's every move like a demented stalker, but mainly because it's the … [Read more...]

Cheap, Fancy and Proud: A case of Dual SIM Smartphones in India

The arrival of dual SIM smartphones from Samsung in February seemed to the beginning of more dual SIM phones in the coming months in India. Countless bloggers, analysts and experts declared the dual SIM smartphone as the future and perhaps a leading trend for the rise of Android. Yet so far, we have seen but a tiny fraction of the smartphone launch … [Read more...]

Say Cheese! The Facebook Camera App for iOS is here!

The popularity of accessing Facebook on mobile devices means that you can gossip and share just about anything on the social network even when you are on the go. Naturally, one of the coolest things to do on Facebook is to upload photos and share them with your Facebook contacts. While this was more cumbersome earlier, now, with the launch of the … [Read more...]

Refresh your Desktop with these New Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 themes are aplenty. The official themes in the Windows 7 Personalization gallery are constantly replenished with new ones and for users who like to change themes often, depending on the season, the festive occasion, or simply the mood at the moment will always find something good to choose from. Here are some new Windows 7 themes to … [Read more...]

Keeping Fit on Holiday – Portable Fitness Gadgets from 2012

Keeping fit whilst on holiday is sometimes an arduous task. Inevitably a lot of tasty food is going to be snacked upon, a lot of alcohol is going to be sipped…and let’s be frank, a lot of time dedicating to relaxing! However, there is no reason why a small portion of the day can’t be dedicated to perhaps keeping that belly trim – but if you are … [Read more...]

Top 3 Social Media Flops and Lessons to Learn from it

Skittles, Habitat and Snickers all have something in common. They all are global brands that have achieved success worldwide but more importantly they are companies that have experienced social media failures. According to a recent article in The Telegraph, these are the top three firms that have suffered social media flops when it comes to social … [Read more...]

Access Database Corruption – Problems, Causes and Resolutions

Access database corruption is very common and it generally occurs when there is an error in its binary file format. Since Access is capable of handling minor corruption issues, in such cases we commonly don’t realize that our database is corrupt. However, in case of major corruption in the Access database, it stops responding or the data saved on … [Read more...]

Localization Solutions – Why and when?

If your company wishes to explore business opportunities in other countries, it is very important to use the correct localization solutions. This is the type of software that will translate applications for computers and such from one language to another. If done improperly, the meaning may be completely lost. For, the translation requires not only … [Read more...]