About TheAppTimes

“Wise people look out not just for themselves, but for all toward whom they have any responsibility” Robert Sternberg

About the Team

TheAppTimes is the brainchild of Eddie Gear, a marketing analyst by day and an inbound marketing consultant by night. Eddie holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He started blogging in 2007 as a hobby. He has drawn inspiration from bloggers like Darren Rowse, and Brian Clark and is striving to establish his mark as an entrepreneur in the online world. Since 2007, he has been able to successfully establish an inbound marketing firm – Genuine SEO (SOLD), and also a tech blog theapptimes.com. Eddie has also been a guest author on HellboundBloggers and JohnChow.com.

TheAppTimes is happy to have Adeline join in as a senior editor this month (Nov, 2010). She has experience as a senior Instructional Designer in a leading e-learning company.

About The App Times

TheAppTimes was launched in August 2010, with the aim to educate users on how to use computer and web applications.  In just 3 months, theapptimes has received more than 7000 page views per month, and is steadily covering ground. The site aims to make apps easy to use and leverage each individual to use apps to improve their productivity.

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