Access 2010: How to Add a Field to a Table

Data that you enter in Access is stored in tables. Tables contain tiny bits of information within cells. This information is also called as fields. Fields can be of various types such as numbers, text, hyperlinks, alphanumeric information and more. Depending on the type of data you wish you enter in the table, you can select a data type. In this post, I will explain how to add a field to a table and also explain which data type supports the information you enter in a cell.

Data Types in Access 2010

Data Type

When to Use


To enter text, phone numbers, or zip codes.


To enter large amount of text; up to 65,536.


To add numbers and decimals.


To display numbers as currencies.


To have Access automatically number each record.


To include date or time in a cell.

OLE Object

To embed other objects such as graphics, or documents.


To link to websites or link to intranet sites.


To store one of two values such as a Yes or No, Correct or Incorrect.


To attach files to a record such as spreadsheets, graphics, documents and more.


To enter a formula and display the results of the calculations.


How to Add a Field to a Table

1. Create a table.

2. On the Table Tools Fields contextual tab, in the Add & Delete section, select a data type. for instance select Date & Time.

How to Add a Field to a Table

3. Enter a field name and press tab.

access 2010-add fields-1

4. The Click to Add drop-down list is automatically displayed with the available data types.Select the data type for the next field and press Tab.

5. Continue to add the data types as required for the fields until your table header is created.

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