The Alice App – Wonderland Girl Comes to Life on Your iPad

Offering a story time you don’t want to miss, The Alice App transports the story of Alice in Wonderland to a new place by launching it on the iPad and bringing it to life. The interface is a stunningly interactive journey through the classic fairy tale of a young girl who dreams of something different in a world that is all her own.

The Alice App – Review

Created by the crafty minded Emmanuel Paletz, this app is an easy download rich with character and wonderment. It immerses the user in the richness that is inherent to the tale itself, owing up to the adventures that Alice encounters and bringing the user along for the ride.

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The visuals are artistic and mesmerizing. As you flip through the pages, you can either listen passively, actively read the story, or go the whole nine yards and partake in the games that abound. The pages are randomly filled with gems that engage the reader in a task or puzzle, and lend themselves to the innate whimsical nature of the story itself.

For those learning to read, the app allows users to follow along with the narration. Youngsters can hear the words as they are spoken, while eyes focus on the written rendition and mouths mimic. Users can follow through the story in sequence, or navigate effortlessly to any part by using the chapter breakdown.

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This story app is not just for kids. Adults will be entertained as well, as they relive the storybook fantasy once again, but through more interactive media. The narration touches tip of the iceberg in terms of entertainment. The sound effects bring the experience together paired with puzzles, brain teasers, and more. Each page has a new surprise, waiting to be discovered.

Artwork has been provided by Emmanuel Paletz, in an effort that required four years of careful planning and creation, picturing Wonderland in a Renaissance look and feel. The artwork helps the reader experience the story with more passion and meaning that words alone cannot deliver.

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Simple swipes and light taps allow the reader, or listener, to fall into Alice’s world and be a part of it. Kids who normally would not be enticed into picking up this tale will scramble to open it up in iPad, a media they relate to. Making Alice an app is a brilliant way to bring a classical story into the modern world and make it speak to the younger generation.

The only downside to the app would be the pricing. At almost $5, most iPad users may just run away, thinking “how many times am I going to use this app?” It may have served the creators better to price it a bit lower to spread entry into the market and entice others to follow.

Yet, on its own, it carries great value and is certainly worth 5 bucks. People spend that much on coffee. This app brings much more value that lasts much longer than any Mocha Frappuccino ever could.

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