The Many Benefits Of Hosted VoIP For Business Users

UK business has been relatively quick to embrace voice over internet protocol communications, (or VoIP for short). There are a number of reasons for this rapid acceptance, but the fact that VoIP offers significant savings over traditional telecoms is certainly a primary factor. The call management features offered by VoIP also provide significant benefits, since VOIP call data is already sent and received via your network, integrating desktop computer and laptops into the system is essentially far more straight forward than it would be with a traditional PBX. Drag and drop call routing, and call tagging provides secretaries with the sort of functionality that could only be dreamed of ten years ago. In this post, we take a look at the many benefits of hosted VoIP for business users and why it is steadily gaining popularity.

Benefits Of Hosted VoIP

Call Management

Benefits Of Hosted VoIP for Business
The union of computers and VoIP call management does not stop at call routing, there are a plethora of advanced features available to hosted VoIP customers, supervisors can be given the ability to monitor any line at the click of a mouse, and even intervene by entering the call on a three way basis without request from the operative. Advanced call analysis software provides real time call information detailing inbound call stats and even system load. Adding additional lines to a hosted VoIP system is often as easy as buying a new phone and plugging it in, meaning that communications can be scaled very cost effectively in order to cope with surges in demand and seasonal trends.

Cost Benefits

For businesses with branches across the country, or lots of mobile workers, VoIP provides exceptional cost reductions. Smart phone applications can transform any android or apple mobile into a VoIP enabled device. Mobile workers can then be dialed as though they were an internal extension at no cost. Calls made from these mobile phones can also be made via VoIP, meaning you also save on out bound mobile phone costs. Because hosted VoIP also provides free internal calls between different geographic locations, contacting different UK branches, and even mobile workers no longer costs you anything.

Unlike traditional telecom companies, most VoIP providers also provide free calls between people who are on their network. This means that in addition to free internal and mobile worker communications, you can also contact any customers and suppliers who use the same VoIP provider as you free of charge.

International Call Savings

Although international calls are slightly more expensive than national calls, they still offer significant savings in comparison to the rates charged by traditional telecom companies. Switching to hosted VoIP can be carried out Seamlessly, with no loss of service. You can keep your existing telephone numbers, and national rate or free phone numbers are also available.

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This article was written by Nick Davison for Inclarity Communications Ltd.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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