Best Android Games to Play this April

With Easter right round the corner, it’s time to check up on some cool Android games to play during the holidays. Here’s a round up of the best Android Games to play this Easter weekend. And don’t forget to tell us the game that caught your fancy.

Best Android Games to Play This April

Temple Run

temple run - best android games

What will you do after stealing a cursed idol from a temple? Run. That’s what this game is all about. You have to run, jump, and slide as you avoid obstacles and the evil Demon Monkeys that want the idol returned to the rightful place. This game became a monstrous hit on the iOS platform and has just made its entry into the Google Play Store. Price: Free

The Sims™ FreePlay

The Sims FreePlayThis popular game will test your patience when you download it (600 MB in all and hopefully you’re using Wi-Fi) and go through the detailed tutorial on how you need to play the game. Once you get started you can complete the little tasks or objectives assigned and start collecting more Sims. The game would be great if it wasn’t for the inability to do things quicker, the only way that can be accomplished is by making some real-money in-app purchases. So if you are game for loads of patience or spending some cash, you may not enjoy this game as much. Price: Free

NFL Flick Quarterback

NFL Flick Quarterback

If you are an American Football fan, and can’t get enough of the action, this game is for you. It is pretty simple to play as you have to throw the ball accurately using the Flick action. The game features four intuitive levels of play, and has stunning graphics and background to complement. Price: $2.42

Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition

Super Monkey Ball  Sakura Edition

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition is a popular cool game involving monkeys. You need to guide the little mischief makers through mazes and other obstacles by moving or tilting your mobile device in all possible angles. There are tons of levels, some easy, some frustratingly difficult, but all in all thoroughly enjoyable. Price: $ 2.99

Mafia Game

mafia gameIf you have always wanted to be the Mafia Godfather, but didn’t you can settle for this game that has you starting off an a lowly soldier, as you gain skills and spill some blood on your way to becoming the crime boss. Price: Free

Midnight Basketball

Midnight BasketballBasketball fans get yet another game to try out their shooting skills with the Midnight Basketball app. There are cool special effects, nighttime landscapes, and cool basketball tricks and skills in this addictive and popular game. Price: Free

Cut the Rope: Experiments

Cut the Rope ExperimentsRemember the fun game where you cut the rope to feed sweet treats to om Nom? This game is a sequel to the original and it introduces some unique new skills such as suction cups, rockets, and rope shooters, new boxes, new settings, and more entertaining ways to feed the critter. Price: $ 1.01

Skater Boy

skater boyLove to skate? Try this game for a change. You can skate your way through various levels featuring towns, forests and cemetery. Show off your skills and fancy tricks to gain extra points in this fun game that will keep you entertained when you need to take some time off work. Price: Free

Shadow Zin: Ninja Boy

Shadow ZIN Ninja BoyIn this challenging action game, you guide the Ninja boy who has to crawl into a castle passing all kinds of obstacles including spikes, guards, armed parrots, and more. To pass each level, you need to collect a certain number of shurikens, which is not an easy task. The enemies are deadly, resurrect within seconds after killing making it difficult to survive for long. You may also feel the need to make in-app purchases as you move up levels, but this game is still worth playing. Price: Free

Spit’em all

Spit’em allA bit of a gross game, this one has a bad tempered and moody Johnny boy spitting out the window. You need to control Johnny and the flow of the spit so that it lands on cars, taxis and pedestrians moving about on the street below. But you will need to avoid spitting on the police cars or else your busted. Price: Free

Special Forces

Special ForcesTime to knock down those evil terrorists. Get geared up with the right weaponry and set off to terrorist havens a.k.a the middle east among other locations and shoot down the baddies with your aggressive fighting skills. Adobe Flash Player is a requirement to play the game. Price: Free

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds SpaceThe biggest and most popular download of the month, the Angry Birds return to action, this time in space, no less as they are sucked into a vortex. There are new powers, new outfits, and a new character, and powers to freeze objects to play with in this game. Price: Free

Draw Something

draw somethingThis popular social game is fun fun fun. Draw or doodle objects, people and more and get your friends to guess what you have drawn. Couldn’t be hard now, can it. Try out this game that has everyone doodling more than Google and see what the fuss is all about.

I’ll follow up this post with more amazing and fun games, so do keep a lookout for that!

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