Bing Office 2013 Apps Launched by Microsoft

Microsoft Office 2013 launched just a few days ago, and that’s common knowledge. To help Office 2013 users gain access to information intuitively Microsoft has now launched five Bing Office 2013 apps that can be accessed while working on the Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Let’s take a look at the five Bing apps for Office 2013 that should help you work more productively.

Five Bing Office 2013 Apps

Bing Office 2013 Apps

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Bing Maps for Office

Bing Maps for Office works great with Excel 2013, especially if you are working on plotting location data. The app lets you use map controls and zoom in and out of the map using the controls.

Bing Finance for Office (Beta)

This app lets you build a financial portfolio, again in Excel. Whether you are using stock symbols, current prices, or data columns, this app will help you customize your data the way to want it.

Bing News Search for Office

This app is a cool way to bring to find the latest news, information, and videos to your Word document. The app also lets you insert search results to a document list and favorite frequent searches.

Bing Dictionary (English) for Office

With Bing Dictionary, you’ll never go want for synonyms, antonyms, or spellings. Bing will even auto suggest letters, words, or phrases as you write them down in your document.

Bing Image Search for Office

No Word document is complete without images. This Bing app lets you find images within your document by selecting a group of text or by using the Search box. You can select the image results from the grid display, which will also offer additional image info and options.

What do you think of Microsoft’s efforts to integrate search functionality into Office apps? Have you used any of these Bing Office 2013 apps and found value in them. Share your comments with us.

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