Biorhythm – Make Smart Choices Using Predictive Analytics

Big Data is all the rage, but information and futuristic planning is not the new kid on the block. The concept of biorhythms has been with us since the early 19th century, and somewhat defines how each of your days may go based on your birth date.

While that seems far-fetched, it is based in theories of when you were born in relation to the time and space in general. Your birth date is the input into one of four calculations that determine sine waves for four different rhythms:

• Emotional
• Physical
• Intellectual
• Intuitive

Biorhythm App Review


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The Biorhythm app brings this information to you so you can plan your life with more data and more knowledge. You will know better when to look for a new job, or make that new idea pitch, or plan that party. Based on your biorhythms, certain days are better for certain activities, and conversely, certain activities are best left postponed on certain days.

Based on the four waves, that are graphed simultaneously on one graph, you will be able to see on a daily basis, where you stand.

The graph itself ranges from +100 to -100. When a rhythm hits 0, that is a day to avoid using that emotion or feeling. For example, if you hit 0 for Intellectual on May 8, then you better make sure you are not proposing any new ideas that day or taking any tests. It would be wise not to.

Biorhythm ios app

The graph is well laid out and easy to read. What I really liked about it was that you could hone in on one emotion and not have to look at the full graph. It also allows you to filter on an emotion so you can see when you are going to have good and bad days.

The app also allows you to add other users, so you can map out your family’s biorhythms or maybe your team at work? What better way to know when to plan things than by knowing when most moods will be amenable and cooperative. Obviously, there will never be a perfect time when everyone’s rhythms will be at a positive place, but you can always use this app to avoid bad days.

Biorhythm app

What would be nice is the have the ability to tap on a day from the main graphic screen and zoom into its details so you can see the breakdown of each rhythm. What the app does offer is the ability to slide the “day” bar left and right so you can view different days easily.

While no person or app can predict the future, this app is a great tool for using biorhythms, if you want to learn more about them, and see just how true they hold to their claims. If anything, it’s a fun way to see if your biorhythm is real.

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