Capture a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Whether you are preparing a tutorial, some documentation, or just want to share an image that’s on your Galaxy tab, taking a screenshot is a must. While there are apps that might help you capture them, in this tutorial I’m going to share a simple way to capture a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Tab using the Android device itself.

How to Capture a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

1. Press and hold the Back button on the device and then press the Power button. You will hear a
click as if you’ve taken a picture. The text Screen Captured, Saved As Image File will be displayed indicating that the screen capture was successful.

2. To view the screen shots click Applications->Gallery.

3. Choose the Screen Capture pile to view them.

By default, the screen shots are stored in the ScreenCapture folder on the MicroSD card.If you want to share the images, you first have to select the images you want to share, click the Menu drop-down and then click Share. You will get multiple sharing options. Select the desired option and follow the on-screen instructions. I use Dropbox to transfer screenshots from my Tab to my PC (for my tutorials,) but you have options to transfer to various other applications according to your convenience.

Capture a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Unfortunately, this technique does not work on certain screens, but has the effect of enabling the back option, so you may have to use other apps or programs to capture the screens.

What apps have you used to capture screen shots on your tab? Share your views using the comment form below.

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