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SkyDrive is Now OneDrive Which Means You Could Earn Yourself Upto 8GB Free Storage

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After losing its legal battle with BSkyB, Microsoft decided to rebrand its cloud storage service SkyDrive and in line with that decision, Microsoft renamed its services to OneDrive. Officially SkyDrive is no more, but as an average SkyDrive user, what does that mean for you? Skydrive is Now OneDrive : What’s New Well, for one, […]

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Linux vs Windows Hosting – Which One is Better for Reselling?

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Starting your own web hosting business can be a rather lucrative business idea. Internet is becoming much more affordable and, since almost everybody needs a website now, the whole hosting niche is constantly growing. It can be especially beneficial if you are already working in the IT field, like a web developer or designer. Sure, […]

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Tips for Selecting a Cloud Based Data Storage Provider

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It’s official: the days of physical backups being ideal for data-storage needs are long gone. Whether it’s a large business or an individual entrepreneur with a laptop, there is simply too much risk involved in keeping valuable data on an external hard drive or CD. These items are vulnerable to things like theft, damage and […]

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Four Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solution

You are witnessing an incremental adoption of cloud wherein start-ups and SMBs (small and medium business) alike deploy a public, private or hybrid cloud solution to accelerate daily IT operations and meet the demands of the customers. The three cloud solutions are packed with a diverse range of features and functionalities; each has its strengths […]

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What are Digital Signatures and How They Benefit Businesses

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Environmental concerns, high operating costs, and growth of mobile technology are forcing more and more businesses to go the paperless way. However, when it comes to signing documents there is the problem of faxing them to the signer, taking printouts, signing them and sending them back, all of which tends to defeat the very purpose […]

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