HTC One M8 Windows Phone Arrives Exclusively on Verizon

HTC One M8 windows fi

HTC may not be having the hold that Samsung and Apple have over the world, but their Android smartphones are simply one of the best devices you can own today. Especially, the HTC One M8, which is easily considered one of the best flagship handsets on Android with its high end specs and good build … [Read more...]

Want an Android Laptop? Here is the HP SlateBook 14

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When HP customers want something and tell the company about it, it seems they get what they want. For instance, HP customers have been telling the company that they were interested in an Android laptop and voila! they get the all new HP SlateBook 14. The laptop was announced in June and the company … [Read more...]

Comparing the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One Activity Trackers

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Thanks to modern technology, setting up goals to track and monitor your fitness is becoming easier. Fitbit is a personal activity tracker that motivates you to stay active by updating you on a daily or weekly basis on how much of energy you are expending. These activity trackers can also be combined … [Read more...]

Buy an LG G3 Phone at AT&T and Get an LG G Watch at Half Price

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If you’ve been contemplating buying an LG G3 smartphone, here’s an offer that can sweeten the deal for you. If you pre-order the smartphone from AT&T, you’ll be getting 50% off on any accessories that you purchase along with it. That means the offer stands for LG Quick Circle Folio case, the … [Read more...]