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Get the Latest Google Doodles Update on Your Android

How to Get the Latest Google Doodles Update on Your Android - tfi

Google Doodles are fun interactive elements that are impossible to resist. Some doodles teach us a new thing or two, others are fun games to recharge our tired minds and still others remind us of the great achievements of others. Sadly, its not always possible to keep track of these cool things. Unless, you specifically […]

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How to Add a Number Row to Android Keyboard

How to Add a Number Row to Android Keyboard - LIKE IT

If you have an Android smartphone running stock Android, chances are you don’t have a number row at the top of the keyboard. This can be quite annoying as you often type in numbers when composing messages or entering passwords. You can now add a number row to Android keyboard thanks to the latest Google […]

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How to Add Search Google Menu in Microsoft Edge

How to Add Search Google Menu in Microsoft Edge - tfi

If you’ve been using Firefox, Chrome or other top browsers, you may have noticed the Search Google option in the right-click context menu. This option lets you quickly search a term in the your default search engine, if it is set to Google. The Microsoft Edge browser however, still does not offer the Search Google […]

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How to Block Email Addresses in Gmail (Web and Android)


Today, practically everyone starts off the day checking their email. However, one of the most hated things about the task is the umpteen number of unwanted messages that land in the Inbox everyday from spammers and like-minded rogues. You can always remove subscriptions to newsletters you subscribed to earlier, but what about annoying people who […]

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How To Mute A Twitter Conversation


If you do a lot of tweeting, you should be aware of the Mute feature that lets you block tweets from accounts you follow while still continuing to follow the account. Twitter has now introduced the Muted Conversations feature that lets you mute entire conversations in a tweet. This is handy when you find yourself […]

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How to Add Hibernate to the Windows 10 Start Menu


Want to Hibernate your PC but can’t find the option? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add Hibernate to the Start menu in Windows 10. The Hibernate option in the Windows operating system is a feature that lets you turn off your PC without closing all open windows and programs. In the Hibernate […]

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How to Add a Plus Code in Google Maps


Finding an address on Google Maps and sharing them with others should be easy. Only problem is not all locations in the world have a proper address to look up. Often its the local area knowledge that helps you find a location. This is especially the case in third world countries. Thankfully, Google is now […]

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