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How to Add Your Favorite Sports Team Schedule to Google Calendar

Sports are a big part and parcel of our life. If we’re not playing a game, we’re definitely talking about one. And if you’re super crazy about a specific game or a specific team, I’ll bet you have related sports apps to catch up on all the events and happenings. Now, one other thing you can do is add your favorite sports team schedule to Google Calendar. That way you never miss an important game ever! If you like the idea of getting a birds eye view of your sports team schedule in your Google Calendar, just follow these steps to get started.

How to Stop Facebook AutoPlaying Videos with Sound

Ever visit a website to find a video AutoPlay startling you out of your senses? Its terribly annoying when that happens but more and more websites seem to be favoring that feature. To top it all, the world’s biggest social platform has announced that it will be rolling out AutoPlay videos with sound.

So if you scroll through your news feeds and chance upon a video, it will play with the sound and if you scroll past it, the sound will fade away. Still, nobody likes anything forced on them, most of all videos that play automatically with sound. If you’re in the same league as me, here’s how to stop Facebook AutoPlaying videos with sound.

How to Enable Two Step Verification on WhatsApp

Passwords just don’t cut it anymore. Two step authentication is currently one of the most effective ways of keeping your online accounts safe. We’ve already discussed ways in which you can create or enable two step authentication on Dropbox, on your iCloud and iTunes accounts, on Microsoft, Amazon, and Gmail and Yahoo accounts. In fact, you can double your Gmail security even with a security key USB drive. In today’s post, we’ll show you how to enable two step verification on WhatsApp, the popular messaging service, now owned by Facebook.

Once you enable two step verification on your WhatsApp account, you will need to use the 6-digit passcode to verify the phone number. Here’s how to do it on he iOS device.

How to Shut Down Your PC Automatically at the End of the Day

It is a good practice to shut down your PC every night when it is not in use. But, it may happen that you forget to do so every now and again. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to shut down your PC automatically at the end of the day using the Task Scheduler.

If you happen to find shutting down your PC a chore, you can put your PC to sleep. But if you prefer to shut it down and want to make sure it gets shut even if you forget to do so, there’s a way to do it. You simply need to set up a rule in the Task Scheduler to automatically shut down your PC at night, provided it is not in use. Here’s how to do it on Windows 10.

Get the Latest Google Doodles Update on Your Android

Google Doodles are fun interactive elements that are impossible to resist. Some doodles teach us a new thing or two, others are fun games to recharge our tired minds and still others remind us of the great achievements of others. Sadly, its not always possible to keep track of these cool things. Unless, you specifically look out for them, chances are you’re likely to miss them. If you don’t want to miss out on any of them, you can now configure your Android device to get the latest Google Doodles update via push notifications. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do that. How to Get the Latest Google Doodles Update on Your Android The Google Doodles Update is sent via the Google app. So if you haven’t updated your apps in some time, make sure you do it right away. 1. Open the Google app and tap the…

Which Microsoft Office Version (32-bit or 64-bit) Are You Using?

Chances are you use Microsoft Office on a regular basis, but should someone ask you which version you are using, you may be stumped. Another reason why you’d want to be aware of which Office version you are using is to know which templates and office add-ins you can download to ensure compatibility with your software. If you want to find out which Microsoft Office version you are using, as well as whether its a 32-bit or 64-bit system, you can find this information easily. You just have to know where to look. Which Microsoft Office Version (32-bit or 64-bit) Are You Using? If you are running Office 2016 or Office 2013 1. Open any one of the Office programs you are using. I’ll open a Word 2013 document. 2. Select the File tab. 3. In the backstage screen, from the menu items, click Account. 4. On the Account screen,…

How to Delete a File in Windows That Refuses to Get Deleted

Have you come across a situation where a file or folder on your Windows PC did not get deleted on pressing the Delete key? If so, here’s a quick and simple solution to deal with this situation and delete a file that refuses to get deleted. How to Delete a File That Refuses to Get Deleted Take a look at the image below. This folder, which clearly has a footprint on my desktop refuses to get deleted when I hit the Delete key. Try again doesn’t make a difference and restarting the computer and deleting the folder is equally fruitless. I’ve been told to enter some instructions in the Command Prompt window to get rid of the folder, but I find that too tedious to do. So here’s a much more simpler solution I discovered. In involves using the archive tool WinRAR. 1. If you haven’t got a copy of…

How to Add a Number Row to Android Keyboard

If you have an Android smartphone running stock Android, chances are you don’t have a number row at the top of the keyboard. This can be quite annoying as you often type in numbers when composing messages or entering passwords. You can now add a number row to Android keyboard thanks to the latest Google app update. In the update Google has also renamed its keyboard GBoard. If you still haven’t enabled the number row on your Android keyboard, here’s how to do it. How to Add a Number Row to Android Keyboard Make sure you have the latest version of the keyboard on your smartphone. If not, just head over to the Play Store and update the keyboard. Once you have the latest version installed, do the following. 1. Open the Messages app to start compose a message. You can also open any other app that lets you type…

How to Get Rid of the Paste Options Menu in Word, Excel and PPT

The Copy and Paste functions are something we use practically every time we work with some Office document. But have you noticed that when you use the paste functionality, the Paste Options pop up menu lingers on and refuses to go away? This is quite annoying and often ends up obstructing us from doing our work. If you want to get rid of the Paste Options menu in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, here’s what you need to do. Note: This tweak works on all Office documents including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. And it applies to Office 2010, 2013 and 2016. For the purpose of this tutorial, the activity is performed in a Word 2016 document. How to Get Rid of the Paste Options Menu in Word 1. Open a Word document. 2. Select the File tab and click Options. 3. In the Word Options dialog box, select the Advanced tab.…

How to Add Search Google Menu in Microsoft Edge

If you’ve been using Firefox, Chrome or other top browsers, you may have noticed the Search Google option in the right-click context menu. This option lets you quickly search a term in the your default search engine, if it is set to Google. The Microsoft Edge browser however, still does not offer the Search Google option in its right-click context menu. If you want to add Search Google Menu in Microsoft Edge, here’s what you need to do. Note: If your preferred search engine is Firefox or Opera, then you will see the option Search Firefox or Search Opera instead of Search Google. How to Add Search Google Menu in Microsoft Edge For the purpose of adding Search Google option to Microsoft Edge, we need to make use of an Edge extension called Google Context Menu Edge. This extension is not available on the Windows Store, so you’ll have to…

How to Block Email Addresses in Gmail (Web and Android)

Today, practically everyone starts off the day checking their email. However, one of the most hated things about the task is the umpteen number of unwanted messages that land in the Inbox everyday from spammers and like-minded rogues. You can always remove subscriptions to newsletters you subscribed to earlier, but what about annoying people who simply cannot take no for an answer. Well, if you’re using Gmail, you can block them. In this post, we show you how to block email addresses in Gmail on the web and on your Android. How to Block Email Addresses in Gmail on Web 1. Open up Gmail and open up the email from the person you want to block. 2. Click the Reply drop down button at the top of the message. 3. From the options available, click Block [Sender’s name] 4. In the confirmation screen that pops up, click Block once again.…