Effective Methods to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation


Nothing is more annoying than getting an error message while opening a PowerPoint presentation on which you have worked so hard. However, you need not to panic even in such cases as Microsoft suggests some really helpful resolution methods. The brief explanations of these methods to repair corrupt … [Read more...]

How to Make a Slide Show

Slideshows are used as a visual means of presenting various instructional or artistic materials to a group of people. Slide shows are used a lot in colleges and Universities for presenting course works to the entire class. A slideshow is a very powerful tool which manipulates visual and audio … [Read more...]

How to Play a Music File Across Multiple Slides in PowerPoint


When you insert a sound file into one of your PowerPoint presentations, you may want it to play across multiple slides in the presentation. But that does not happen by default. When the presentation moves to the next slide, you’ll find that the music automatically stops playing. In this tutorial, … [Read more...]

PowerPoint 2012 Calendars Available for Download


Following up with the release of free 2012 calendars for Word 2010 and Excel 2010, the Microsoft team has made PowerPoint 2012 calendars available for download on your computer. You can use these PowerPoint calendar templates to include a month in your presentation, or customize it with special … [Read more...]

How to Add Special Effects to Your Text with WordArt


Whether you are working in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint 2010, you can make use of the various Office tools to add emphasis and significance to text in your documents. For example, you can stretch text, fit it into a shape, apply a gradient or shadow effect to add value to the text in your document. In … [Read more...]