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Biorhythm – Make Smart Choices Using Predictive Analytics

Biorhythm App Review – tfi

Big Data is all the rage, but information and futuristic planning is not the new kid on the block. The concept of biorhythms has been with us since the early 19th century, and somewhat defines how each of your days may go based on your birth date. While that seems far-fetched, it is based in […]

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  • September 12, 2017

Protect Your Phone with AVG AntiVirus

Protect Your Phone with AVG AntiVirus – tfi

This new app is breaking barriers. Now, you can protect your phone from malicious viruses, just like you protect your personal computer at home. Your phone will run better with the virus detector and cleaner, and last longer. The AVG AntiVirus app will shield your phone and tablet from harmful malware, scam ware, text messages, […]

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  • April 26, 2017

FileCalendar is a File Manager and Calendar for Event Creation

FileCalendar is a File Manager and Calendar for Event Creation – tfi

There’s nothing worse than trying to find the invite that goes with the party you’ve got on your calendar Saturday night, or losing the agenda to a meeting you are calling in to while working from home. Information that goes with events sometimes can’t fit into the actual event record, and ends up stuck in […]

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  • April 20, 2017

TooFar Media Offers a Story Experience Like No Other [App Review]

TooFar Media Offers a Story Experience Like No Other– tfi

Reading a book is an experience that has evolved with the changing world of technology and graphics. What was once an interlude between the eyes, paper and one’s imagination has now transcended paper pages. Rich Shapero’s TooFar Media Immersive Story Experiences is one such example of how technology has expanded on storytelling. TooFar Media delivers […]

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  • March 22, 2017

Protect Your Mobile When Charging with Battery Charger Alarm

Battery Charger Alarm with Charge Saving Features - tfi

You would think that the advancement of technology in our mobile phones would include battery-charging alerts. It has been proven that over charging a phone will kill its battery. Leaving it too low will do the same as well. Your phone will suffer glitches and will not last as long as it should. This is […]

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  • Updated March 19, 2017

Transform Your Selfies into Fun Photos with FaceApp

FaceApp is a Smart AI That Transforms Your Selfies into Fun Photos - tfi

Let’s face it! Taking selfies is a lot of fun but not every selfie is perfect. There are countless creative apps in the App Stores that now make use of artificial intelligence to help us take better photos. The latest eye catching app that’s hit the market is FaceApp. Its a smart AI that can […]

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  • February 22, 2017

Monitor Kids’ Smartphone or Tablet with Powerful Pumpic App

Monitor Kids' Smartphone or Tablet with Powerful Pumpic App - tfi

We take a look at the powerful Pumpic app that aims to help parents keep kids safe from dangerous online predators & unsafe activities like cyber bullying & sexting. For every parent, ensuring the safety of his or her children is a basic instinct. The thing is, over the last decade or two the world […]

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  • Updated February 22, 2017
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