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MyerSplash Brings Gorgeous Wallpapers to Windows 10

Windows 10 wallpapers are not easy to come by. Until Microsoft brings some much needed improvements to its wallpapers in the coming update, we will simply have to prowl the Internet for impressive wallpapers to deck our desktops. One other alternative is this nice little app called MyerSplash. Its a simple app that brings a […]

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Evie is a Minimalist Launcher for Android That Delivers

Evie is a Minimalist Launcher for Android That Gets the Job Done - tfi

Android launchers are a users delight. Launchers let you customize your device in unbelievable number of ways and afford greater ease of use. And there’s no dearth of them in Google Play and we’ve done our share of reviews on a number of them. Nova Launcher may be everyone’s favorite launcher, but that doesn’t mean […]

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