How to Delete Your Facebook Account

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Facebook is a powerful platform that connects us to friends and family near and far away. Unfortunately, our tech-savvy social life sometimes takes over and we end up getting caught in the virtual life, sometimes at the cost of our actual one. If you feel that your life is engulfed with too many … [Read more...]

5 Twitter App Alternatives for your Android

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If Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms that you engage in, you most likely already have the official version on your Android smartphone as well. Although the official app is good, it is not the most intuitive one around and having used it and then gravitated to other third party … [Read more...]

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business

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Social media networking websites and especially Facebook has changed the strategies of marketing your business. Being one of the largest social networking platform that witnesses millions of users each day, this platform  is ideal for small business to take advantage of to take their business to a … [Read more...]

Facebook Cover and Timeline Tips

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Creating a great Facebook cover image for your timeline is very important to maximizing the potential value of your Facebook timeline to your business or brand. In order to reach out to as many potential customers as possible, and foster as strong of a connection as you can, you’ll want to grab … [Read more...]