How to Set up Twitter Cards for Your Account

Twitter cards transform a 140 character message into something more engaging and visually appealing. With Twitter cards, you can add photos, videos, and other rich media content to your Tweets to make it more attractive to your audience.  Setting up Twitter cards for your account can bring in many advantages. For instance you can get your audience … [Read more...]

How to Configure Google + Pages to Restrict Content by Age and Location

Google + is now offering users more freedom on who can access their content. New feature improvements now make it possible to limit access to your content based on reader’s age and location. This will come in handy especially in situations where the laws of certain countries restrict specific types of content from being exposed. In this post, we … [Read more...]

Find Older Tweets in a Jiffy with Snap Bird

Twitter is an interactive social media platform where plenty of interesting information is shared in seconds. But with so much going on in there, it becomes difficult to keep track of them all. There may be times when you remember reading something about a particular topic on Twitter, days earlier, only to find it impossible to retrieve it … [Read more...]

5 Free Twitter Analytical Tools That Offer Insights on your Social Interactions

Twitter is a powerful platform for marketers, businesses, and users alike. Its also such an extensive and complex network of relationships that it can sometimes overwhelm you and leave you frustrated. If you feel that you’re just not on top of things, a few handy Twitter tools can come to your aid. In this post we take a look at five powerful … [Read more...]

Save your Favorite News Feed Items in Facebook with Facebook Save

Anybody who takes up a challenge of using Facebook only for a few minutes a day is bound to break that rule as soon as it is made. That’s because your social timeline always has something that’s too hard to turn away from. Maybe there’s a link that’s worth exploring, or a movie review that you have to check out right away before you decide to pick … [Read more...]

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

Facebook is a powerful platform that connects us to friends and family near and far away. Unfortunately, our tech-savvy social life sometimes takes over and we end up getting caught in the virtual life, sometimes at the cost of our actual one. If you feel that your life is engulfed with too many Facebook activities and you need some time out, or if … [Read more...]

5 Firefox and Chrome YouTube Extensions for Better Viewing Experience

Anyone who steps into the world of YouTube ends up spending more time than they bargained for. There’s so much entertainment in those short little video clips that even your regular dose of TV cannot match. While that remains the case there are issues that provide a dampener to the whole YouTube experience. Poor video quality, slow buffering, … [Read more...]

5 Twitter App Alternatives for your Android

If Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms that you engage in, you most likely already have the official version on your Android smartphone as well. Although the official app is good, it is not the most intuitive one around and having used it and then gravitated to other third party applications, I can say that the original app … [Read more...]