Chrome’s Latest Release Lets You View Web Pages Instantly

The latest beta release (13.0.782.24) of Chrome sees sees two significant features Instant Pages and Print Preview being added to the features of the popular browser. There’s always been talk of Chrome being the best browser and its latest beta release is going to make the voices grow louder. Let’s take a look at how Chrome’s latest release lets you view web pages instantly and how to print preview a page.

View Web Pages Instantly with Google Chrome Instant Pages

Instant Pages aims to deliver a page the instant you click a link. It makes use of a technology called prerendering to provide instant pages. Using this technology, in certain situations, the browser predicts the users next click action and pre-loads the page before the click action is performed. This video from Google gives you an insight into how Instant Pages work.

Instant Pages in Action

Get Partial Suggestions in the Address Bar

In addition to Instant Pages, the new version of Chrome Beta provides partial matches when you use the address bar (omnibox) for searches based on your browser history.

Print Preview a Page

Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer now allows you to preview a page before printing as a PDF. You can also customize the print settings and view the changes instantly. You can also save the page as a PDF  from within the browser. Simply hit Ctrl+P and preview your page as a PDF.

Print Preview in Chrome - View Web Pages Instantly

If you still haven’t updated your Chrome browser, here’s your download link.

Download Google Chrome Beta

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