Communicate Securely on GTalk, Jabber and AOL with SJ im App for Android

Communication is a very vital thing and it started since the beginning of life. Human beings cannot live without communicating to each other and that is why communication software are very important. Nonetheless, currently there are so many avenues through which we can get in touch with each other and all this is due to advancement in technology. Furthermore with the introduction of social media communication has been made easier and faster. However, in as much as we keep on communicating we should also be wary of how secure the information is being passed. It is for this reason that software such SJ im come in. This is a secure communication software that can be used with Google talk, AOL, Jabber and any other protocol which supports XMPP protocol.

SJ im App Review

SJ im app interface

SJ im is basically a communication software that is secure and can be used to enhance the security of your communication. Many communication apps and software claim to be secure but in real sense they are not as secure as they claim to be. Most of these applications and software are not encrypted and there are so many security loopholes through which one can easily get access to peoples’ private information. However, SJ im is the complete opposite of most of the other communication channels. The software is very secure as all your messages will be encrypted and even the files that you send amongst one another will be password protected.

How to Use SJ im App

SJ im screeenshot 2

This app is easy and fun to use. This is because the app is not complicated and most of the features are straight forward and very easy to understand. However, even before you get started you should make sure that you have downloaded and installed the app in your device. This is a simple and fast process that should not take more than five minutes. After this you will be ready to go as the app will launch and you can get connected to friends and family.

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The app has a very friendly user interface. This way, there will be no challenge posed when using the app. There quite a number of features that make the app easy to use but the good thing is that these are not complicated features and thus you can easily navigate your way through them. The graphics of the app are also great. Picture quality is excellent and you will definitely enjoy using this app.

SJ im app accounts settings

Unlike many other communication applications or software, SJ im is totally unique and stands out. The most notable thing about this app is security. The developers of this application gave maximum attention to security and that is why it is one of the best. Users can be sure that they are communicating using a safe and secure platform where no one can spy around. Not even the governments or intelligence agencies would be able to snoop around your information. You can always be sure that you are safe and privacy is guaranteed at all times. SJ im is a good application that you can use to communicate safely and securely.

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  • Updated December 25, 2015
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