Create a Section Break in a Word 2010 Document

Section breaks are applied when you want to apply a different formatting to a certain section of a page in your document or to certain pages in your document. For example, if you are authoring a book, you may want the front matter of the book to have a different page number as compared to the rest of the book. Or, you may want to add a watermark to certain pages of your document. In such instances, you can apply section breaks to that part of the document. To create a section break in a document here’s what you need to do.

How to Create a Section Break in a Word 2010 Document

1. Place the cursor at the location where you want to create a section break.

2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Breaks.

3. From the drop-down, select an option.

How to Create a Section Break

If you want to view where you inserted the section breaks, on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Show\Hide button.

section breaks-2

The section break provides information about the section break applied.

section breaks-3

Now you can add sections breaks to your document with ease.

How to Delete a Section Break

If you no longer need a section break to be applied to your document, here’s what you need to do.

1. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Show/Hide button. This will enable you to easily locate section breaks in your document.

2. Select the section break. Just drag from left to right to select it.

3. Press Delete.

After the section break is deleted, the text above and below the section break flows as part of one document and the formatting of the text below the break will apply for all the text.

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