Desktop Gadgets For Your Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 7, much like Windows Vista allows you to add desktop gadgets to your PC. However unlike Vista, the gadgets are free floating tools that can be moved to any location on the desktop. You can find the gadgets in the Windows Gadget Gallery. Since I work for clients in different time zones, I have additional clocks on my desktop to help me keep track of the various time zones I work in. Similarly, these desktop gadgets are sure to add value to your work.

Note: The Gadgets Feature Has Been Discontinued

How to Access the Windows Gadget Gallery

Click the Start menu and in the Start Menu Search box type gad and press Enter.


Right-click the desktop and choose Gadgets. If a gadget is displayed on the desktop, right-click the gadget and choose Add gadgets.

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How to Add a Desktop Gadget

In the Windows Gadget Gallery double-click the gadget. OR From the Windows Gadget Gallery drag and drop a gadget onto the desktop.

Gadgets Available by Default in the Windows Gadget Gallery

desktop gadgets-for-your-windows-7-desktop

Calendar : It displays the calendar in date and month view.

Clock: It displays the time in any city worldwide. You can name a clock, enable the second hand and choose between 8 different clock styles.

CPU Meter : It displays two meters that tracks the load on your computer’s RAM and microprocessor.

Currency: It displays options to perform currency conversions.

Feed Headlines : It displays RSS feeds to which you have subscribed. You can display the feed results by clicking the View Feeds button. To view more feed information click the feed and Feed Headlines will expand to display more text. If you want to the feed in Internet Explorer click the headline in the expanded window.

Picture Puzzle : It displays a tile game. You can choose from 11 pictures, set a timer, and also check the finished picture.

Slide Show : It displays a mini photo slide-show. You can select the folder from which to obtain the pictures, set the display time, select the transition effect. You can also set the shuffle option. You can also select the previous or next image, play or pause, and well current picture in the Windows Photo Gallery.

Weather: It displays the temperature on Fahrenheit or Celsius for any town or city. You can search for the weather report by town, by city, or by zip code.

Windows Media Center : It displays a mini Windows Media Center with recorded TV and Internet TV content.

More Desktop Gadgets

If you want to add additional desktop gadgets to the gallery, here’s what you need to do.

1. In the Windows Gadget Gallery, click the Get more gadgets online link.

2. You are taken to the Windows Live Gallery window. Click the Get now link to view additional details about the gadget and download it to the Windows Gadget Gallery.

Some of the popular gadgets include TwitReviews, Fb Explorer, Twitter, Language Translator, and WeatherBug. Most of the gadgets have been designed for Windows Vista and may not be optimized if installed on Windows 7. Only gadgets that use high DPI work on computers running Windows 7.

Desktop Gadgets are not just fun elements, but also provide some useful functional experiences. Adding them to your desktop may be just what you need to make your workspace livelier.

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  • Updated October 30, 2016
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