Discover NightLife Around You with NiLi Your Personal Concierge

We don’t all have the luxury of a concierge at our beck and call, but that’s about to change. NiLi has created what can be considered a personal concierge that’s readily available from the palm of your hand – well, your device to be precise.

It’s called NiLi, and it’s fully functioning in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, where there is so much happening, and you want to know about it.

Big cities are always abuzz, all night long; and while there is lots to do, it can get overwhelming trying to find out what’s happening where, when it’s happening and how to get there. That’s where NiLi comes to the rescue.

Getting Started with NiLi

NiLi Nightlife Concierge entry details

Once you download the app, you’ll have a chance to register your profile, so all the information you tap into is regionalized and near where you are. The first thing NiLi will ask you to do, and this is optional, is link in either through your Facebook or Twitter account. If you don’t want to connect this way, you can skip this and connect using an email address.

Once setup, you have a choice to view venue from a selection of major metropolitans. Venues listed range from bars and lounges to pubs and parties. You can view this as a list or on a map.

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NiLi Nightlife Concierge venues

You can also search for Events near you. Select on the Events icon, then select your city. This list populates chronologically, so you will see what’s happening now, first; followed by events that happen later that day, tomorrow and farther down into the future.

The overall interface is clean and simple, making it easy to navigate your way through the fun possibilities without getting lost. The really neat thing about NiLi is that once you have decided on a place to go, you can easily Tweet it or post it on Facebook, so friends know where to join you.

When you find an event you’re thinking of attending, you can do all sorts of things. Click on the event and you will see four options:

nili interactions
  • Info: Gives you details on where, when, and how to dress
  • Comments: Lets you comment on events and share with friends
  • Going: Lets you add the event to the list of events you plan on attending
  • Photos: : Lets you snap photos of the event for sharing during and after the fun

You can even select the event as a favorite by clicking on the heart icon at the bottom and send the event to someone to see if they are interested.

There’s not much lacking in this app except that it’s quite young and has not reached all of the great cities of the U.S. The app creators have added past events for cities like Seattle and New York, but I’m sure we will see some quick progress soon. I am looking forward to using the app when traveling.

Easy to use and full of ideas, NiLi makes getting out on the town on your own or with friends an effortless task.

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