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Keeping up with changes in technology is quite a painful task, especially since change is happening so quickly. To stay on top of things at work, you DONT HAVE to do an in-depth study about each application you use. You just need to KNOW THE SHORTCUTS that will help you get the job done. Here are a few scenarios you may be familiar with.

You receive more than 50 email messages a day and need to follow up on more than 2 or 3 messages in the coming week. What do you do?Use applications like Nudgemail to send you timely reminders!
You’re working with a content writing team in the Philippines, and need to edit and review super important documents within an hour. Do you email documents back and forth?No! You use real-time collaborative tools to get the job done.
You have to send over 100 email messages with similar content to your clients. Do you copy-paste the information a 100 times?No! You use features such as building blocks or quick parts to get the job done in no time at all.

The scenarios never end. But the solution remains the same.

Learn how to do things SMARTLY so that you can work without stress, meet your deadlines, and spend more time with your family. If you want to know how to get things done smartly, then this page has the resources to help you.

Free Quick Reference Guides At Your Disposal

You can find how-to guides, shortcuts to applications, cheat-sheets, Office templates, and more on theapptimes. These resources help you get the best out of the programs you use so that you accomplish your tasks more efficiently.

What you need to do to access our eBooks? No sign ups, no hassle. Just choose the guides and click to view them.




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