Effective Guidelines for Mobile SEO Strategy

Mobile searches have gained impetus and have even become the mainstreams for propelling SEO to set its eye on it. As a survey, over 30% of the keyword search comes from mobile. Strategy analytics surveyed that the users of smartphone have crossed one billion and the number is still increasing. The technician of the Web field uses efficient Mobile SEO plans now. We have seen that Google has released Googlebot – Mobile, which creeps smartphone content efficiently to offer smartphone users with great search results. Here are some tips which you should consider while designing your Mobile SEO strategy.

Tips and Guidelines for an Effective Mobile SEO Strategy

Tips and Guidelines for an Effective Mobile SEO Strategy

Choose Keywords that are Mobile Friendly

The biggest feature of SEO is keyword research which allows you to achieve high ranking in the search engines. People are accustomed to typing long tail keywords of three or more words to access website’s content. If we consider the keyword search for an LED TV, we type a long tail keyword of Panasonic Ultra HD LED TV. It is quite convenient to get higher rank for such keywords and being search specific, it eventually results in greater conversion rates.

However, your mobile keyword strategy should be short word-centric and more concise. It is quite preferable for smartphone users to type shorter phrases on their devices.

Take account of Mobile Call to Action

Every website owner wishes a mobile visitor to either purchase a product or register for a service. One should make his website mobile friendly as much as possible to create visitor’s interest. Like the “Call Us” feature allows the visitor to make calls by simply clicking on the button.

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Boost the Entertainment Factor of Your Website

Keep in mind the psychology of the smartphone users before constructing your mobile SEO plans. More than 90% users, use their phone to pass the time. Selling of cleaning services may be an entertaining field for the users. Thus, you should make the mobile content interesting to engage more and more users. Featuring interesting games and music, video files bring more visits to your site. You can always get a freelance specialist to support you with multimedia files.

Focus on Social Networking Sites

Who doesn’t use Facebook and Twitter on his mobile, who doesn’t see updates and comments of their friends on their smartphone. If you are a part of the mobile SEO Strategy, then you should definitely coordinate and work with social media websites. It allows you to efficiently manage an e-commerce business to sell your brand products. Make it obligatory for mobile visitors view and share your products. This will increase your traffic and generate more revenue.

Remove the Desktop Feel

While designing a mobile SEO strategy, craft content keeping in mind the mobile screen rather than traditional desktop screens. As the screen of mobile is small, you should remove unnecessary content and focus on releasing the core content to users. One should keep these tips in mind, to get good comments from Googlebot and smartphone users. This will strengthen your brand name and generate more revenue.

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