Epic Evil Twins: A Zombie Shooter App

The premise of the game is, very basically, to shoot zombies with candy. It is a one or two player game (you play with a computer AI in single player mode), with fairly simple controls but excellent depth. The graphics are good, the music is pretty classic eight bit fare that almost anyone should be comfortable with. Overall, Epic Evil Twins is a well-polished, solid app with a winning price tag.

Epic Evil Twins App Review

The control scheme is simple and standard. Anyone who has played a game similar to this should be right at home even on the first mission. This is what should be expected of a game on a simple platform like iOS––if the developer tries to do too much with fancy control schemes the overall performance is almost always sloppy. You move around with a simple joystick that appears on the touch screen, shoot with one button, activate your character’s power attack with one button, and throw grenades with another.

Epic Evil Twins screenshot

Each button shows cool down timing with shading, which gets important later in the game when you really need to be using your specials. The only real issue with controls and user interface is the fact that you are unable to see how many shots are left in the guns you pick up. This will be frustrating for a veteran gamer but ultimately makes no difference as you do not reload, simply fire until you are empty and switch back to your default candy shotgun.

Epic Evil Twins screenshot 2

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Epic Evil Twins is basically a side-scroller, with some amount of up and down movement. Movement is always left to right, but enemies will spawn on both sides in increasing numbers throughout the game. As you advance towards the boss that lies in wait at the far end of the level you will defeat enemies who drop coins that can be used to purchase upgrades for your different weapons––both the default shotgun and the items you can pick up throughout the game.

Epic Evil Twins screenshot 3

After defeating a boss and the level, you will unlock a new character. All of the characters play the exact same with the notable exception of their power attack, which varies considerably between the characters. Some characters expose themselves after they use this attack, some can defend from both sides, some shoot in one direction while others do little damage but heal the character. These attacks add a fresh new spin every level, providing the challenge and skill building necessary to keep you engaged in the Gameplay.

Epic Evil Twins is an app that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: it entertains. It has surprisingly well-crafted gameplay elements for a free app, and really does have a greater depth of gameplay than most of the simple quick apps in its field. Epic Evil Twins is simple, to the point, easy to get into and very satisfying to master. This is exactly what should be expected of iPhone games, and Evil Twins delivers with an interesting flair.

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