Facebook SmartPhone – Rumors Roundup

Looks like the rumor mills have been working overtime this season. The latest set of rumor to find their way through the various sections of the media is related to Facebook. If what rumors have to say are to be believed Facebook can possibly be preparing itself to launch its very own Facebook smartphone. What triggered this rumor is the news of Facebook hiring an Apple employee recently. It is believed that this employee who Facebook hired had worked on the iPad and iPhone. These rumors have surfaced when a majority of companies are unveiling their range of Smartphones.

Facebook Smartphone Rumors

Like adding more fuel to fire, it was further rumored that Facebook could also be developing its own Operating System (OS) for its smartphones. However, it is still very unclear if Facebook could possibly be working on launching its flagship device in the first place. There has been no official statement from the company about plans of developing and launching their own line of smartphones.

facebook smartphone rumors

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Clearly this company has grown beyond just being a Social Networking Site (SNS). Facebook has by all means done everything that it could possibly do in order to gratify its one billion plus users. For example the company very recently launched and tested its free Wi-Fi service. A user who ‘checks-in’ on visiting a shop or a store can gain internet access for free. This does not end there though. The user is also entitled to take advantage of exceptional offers and discounts at particular retail outlets and stores. This is just an example of an initiative undertaken by this SNS to please its growing number of users.

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As a Facebook member the possibility of you using this networking site on your Facebook phone in the near future cannot be ruled out. Such speculations have only gained momentum over a period of time. Rumors about Facebook launching its flagship smartphone initially surfaced many months ago. Multiple sources revealed that Facebook is working closely with smartphone manufacture HTC to introduce the ambitious Facebook smartphone. The phone was identified with its code name ‘Opera UL’. A handful of websites also went on to say that this phone will be launched in the final quarter of 2012. However, such claims proved to be nothing more than just rumors. On the other hand considering the fact that a majority of Facebook’s income has come from the mobile phone division, the possibility of the SNS launching a mobile phone cannot be taken for granted.

Looking back at Facebook launching any new feature, it can be noticed that the SNS maintains high secrecy about any new launch. So far the company has not revealed any plans of launching its own Smartphones. This is yet another factor that hints the likelihood of Facebook unveiling its ambitious smartphone range.

Sources from the company are unnamable for commenting on Facebook launching its range of phones. Will the ambitious Facebook Smartphone take shape and size in the near future is something what we will have to wait and watch out for.

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  • Updated February 16, 2015
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