Find a Location with Directions with the Android App Where To Go

If you are traveling to a new city and are looking for a good place to lunch, or need to know where the nearby pharmacy is, you will no doubt, flip out your Android, maybe pull out a Google maps app, and start looking for your destination. Now, there’s another app to help you find a location with directions on the Android. The app is called Where To Go? and has an attractive interface and cool home screen options to help you pick a category to start searching from.

Find a Location with Directions with the Android App Where To Go

Where To Go? works in over 500 locations and includes 500 preset searches in 12 categories that are displayed on the Home screen in the form of a compass with tiny icons. The categories range from real estate, restaurant, entertainment, travel, retail stores, health, transportation, services, B2B, government offices, organizations and education. Each category is of course further categorized into sub categories.

home screen           sub categories

Searching for a location takes you to a map highlighting the closest spots. You can also select the Info button at the bottom right of the screen to get a list view of the results you searched for. Once you select the spot you want to go to, you can select the green arrow next to the name to find directions to the place. Included with the directions is the phone number, so making enquiries or booking a reservation is just a tap away.

list view - Find a Location with directions          get directions

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Where To Go? also has a tabbed navigation feature that lets you find favorited spots, recent searches, a couple of goodies by of a tip calculator, and a diet ebook.

Unlike the usual Android apps, Where To Go? has an interface that iPhone users will be more familiar with. The tabs at the bottom of the app act as the main points of navigation with options to move back and forth at the top of the screen. What’s really cool about this app is the level of customizability it offers. You have the option to delete subcategories you don’t want and instead add new subcategories that you will more often search for. You can also rename and sort subcategories. The app allows you to search both in map view, or list view, and share your search results via email.

If you just want to hang out some place, but can’t think of any place, you can simply shake the Android device and you’ll get an app suggestion.

Where To Go? is available for free in the Android market but is ad supported. You can upgrade to an ad free version for $1. The app is expected to include upcoming features such as offline database, user-ratings and translation into many languages.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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