Fresh Windows Themes for 2013

The Windows personalization gallery is a great place to find themes for your Windows PC. Since we last checked the gallery, there have been a string of fresh theme releases and I’ve put together a list of fresh Windows themes for 2013 that you may consider worth downloading.

Fresh Windows Themes for 2013

African Wildlife Theme

Fresh Windows Themes for 2013 - african Wildlife Theme

Wanna go on an African safari, but can’t take time off from work? Bring the splendor of the game reserves of Botswana, the maasai mara of Kenya and other national parks of Africa to witness the wild animals in their natural habitat.

Download African Wildlife Theme

Ancient Egypt Theme

Ancient and mysterious Egypt has always fascinated us all. Bring 13 images of the egyptian sunsets across the Giza as well as the ancient temples of the Sun god, Esna, Horus and Sobek and other splendid architecture of the Gift of the Nile right on your desktop.

Download Ancient Egypt Theme

Jack Reacher theme

jack reacher theme

This free Windows theme features stills from the Tom Cruise starrer Jack Reacher. If your’e a fan, here’s your link to the download.

Download Jack Reacher theme

Thailand theme

Fresh Windows Themes for 2013 - thailand theme

Bring the fresh beauty of incredible Thai to your desktop with these 14 stunning images featuring the lily ponds of the Sukhothai Historical Park, the Doi Luang Chiang Dao limestone mountain, the night scenes at the Grand Palace, the ruins of Wat Chaiwatthanaram and more.

Download Thailand theme

ASUS and Intel: In Search of Incredible 2 theme

asus and intel in search of incredible 2

This theme features 9 scenes from the ASUS and INTEL campaign “In Search of Incredible”. The images include snowy mountain caps, lamp lit tent on a snowy mountain pass and two lonely men trekking across the mountains, just to name a few.

Download ASUS and Intel: In Search of Incredible 2 theme

Caribbean Shores theme

Fresh Windows Themes for 2013 - caribbean shores theme

We finish off our list of fresh Windows themes for 2013 with a dip in the cool waters of the Caribbean. This free Windows theme features 12 scenes from the shores of the US Virgin islands, Jamaica, Mexico, and Barbados. Get this delightfully picturesque theme for your PC to add a cool summery look to your desktop.

Download Caribbean Shores theme

Did you like any of these free Windows themes for 2013? Tell us your favorite ones.

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