Google 2 Step Verification Gets Stronger with Security Key USB Drive Support

Passwords over the years have evolved from simple ones like “password” to more complicated ones that we are simply no longer able to remember or manage. But that hasn’t stopped hackers from getting to our data. So now we use  2 step verification, which is a process involving entering our username and password and confirming it with a 6 digit code that the account sends to our email or smartphone. Google is taking this protection a step further with Security Key support. We take a look at how this works.

2 Step Verification with Security Key Support

2 step verification

Google 2 Step Verification is cumbersome in that every time you access your Google accounts from an untrusted device, you must get a code sent to your phone before you can sign in. With the new Security Key USB Drive support, you can avoid sending the codes to your phone. Instead you can insert the Security Key USB Device into the computer’s USB port and its job done.

Advantages of Using Security Key USB Drive

security key usb drive

Using the Security Key USB Device offers two significant advantages.

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1. 2 Step verification suffers from one drawback. Sophisticated hackers may set up sites that look like Google giving you the impression that you are inputting your codes into the right account, all the while doing it on a hacker’s fake site. This possibility increases the need for another device to keep you better protected and Security Key helps as it uses cryptography instead of verification codes. Also, it works only on the website it is supposed to work on.

2. Secondly, you don’t need a mobile connection to verify your accounts and since its light and portable, you can attach it to a keychain and carry it with you wherever you go.

Cons of Using Security Key USB Device

Security Key won’t always work in every situation. For example, if you are a mobile only user, this system just won’t work. Also, if you’re not using Chrome browser, you won’t be able to use Security Key. Because you must have a computer running Google Chrome version 38 or later for Security Key to work. In such situations, you have to rely on verification codes.

Also the USB needs to be a compatible device and any old USB device won’t work. The Security Key USB Drive are available on Amazon at prices starting $17.99.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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