Google Apps: How to Create an Out-Of-Office Message in Gmail

It is common practice to send an out-of-office notification when you plan to take a break from your work or when you will not be available to respond to email messages that you receive. In Outlook 2010 tutorials, I have detailed how to send out-of-office notifications using Outlook 2010. In Google, this feature is referred to as the Vacation responder; although you don’t necessarily have to be on vacation to use this feature. In this Google Apps tutorial, you will learn how to create an out-of-office message in Gmail.

How to Create an Out-Of-Office Message in Gmail

1. Login to your Gmail account.

2. At the top-right corner of the screen, click the Settings link.

gmail - settings

3. Navigate to the Vacation responder section and select the Vacation responder on option.

4. In the Subject text box, enter the subject.

5. In the Message text box, enter the out-of-office message informing the recipients of your unavailability.

6. If necessary, check the Only send a response to people in my Contacts check box to send the out-of-office message only to people in your Contacts list.

7. Click Save Changes.

vacation responder

You can set only one out-of-office message and it will be sent once in four days to any specific email address. A message bar at the top of the Gmail screen indicates that the vacation responder is turned on. You can turn off the vacation responder by clicking the End Now link on the bar or by navigating to the same location and selecting the Vacation responder off option. Additionally, if you want to edit your out-of-office message, click the Vacation Settings link on the message bar and make the necessary changes.

How to Create an Out-Of-Office Message in Gmail

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