Google Apps: Update your Gmail Contacts Info

If you do most of your email communication using Gmail, having the latest up-to-date contact information is vital. In this Google Apps tutorial, you will learn how to update your Gmail contacts info.

How to Update your Gmail Contacts Info

1. Login to your Gmail account.

2. Open the Contact Manager window.

a. In the left navigation panel, click Contacts.

Gmail contacts - 1

b. In the My Contacts section, select a contact category and in the right pane, click a contact.

Update your Gmail Contacts Info

You could also select Contact details from the More drop-down list.

Gmail contacts - 3

3. In the Contact Manager window, enter the necessary details.

a. In the Name text box, enter the contact’s name.

b. From the Email drop-down list, select a category and enter an email address.

c. From the Phone drop-down list, select a phone category and enter the phone number.

Gmail contacts - 5

d. From the Address drop-down list, select a category and enter the


e. From the Birthday drop-down list, select a category and enter the birth date.

f. From the URL drop-down list, select a category and enter the URL of the website or blog.

Gmail contacts - 7

g. If you want to include additional information such as title and company name, nickname or other fields, select the required field and enter the desired information.

Gmail contacts - 8

Updating contact information will ensure that you have the latest information on hand when you are communicating with associates and colleagues.

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