Hit the Send Button too Soon? Use Gmail Labs to do a Quick Recall

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, you are probably familiar with the process of recalling a message. If you are using Gmail, the recall feature is not enabled by default and works slightly differently. It doesn’t do an exact recall, but delays sending out the message by about 10 seconds, which gives you the chance to undo the sent action. If however, your message is sent and has lodged itself in the Sent Mail folder, this feature will not work. In this Gmail tutorial, you will learn how to use Gmail labs to do a quick recall and ensure that messages you send out in a hurry can be recalled immediately.

How to Use Gmail Labs to do a Quick Recall

1. Login to your Gmail account.

2. At the top right of the screen, click the Settings link.

settings link

3. Select the Labs tab.

Use Gmail Labs to do a Quick Recall

4. Scroll down to Undo Send lab and enable the lab.

undo send lab feature

5. Scroll up and click Save Changes.

6. If you’d like, do a trial run to check if it’s working!!!

The Gmail lab feature has a default delay time limit of 10 seconds. You can extend this to up to 30 seconds by clicking the Settings link at the top-right of the screen and in the General tab, in the Undo Send section, selecting a longer delay time limit.

Do you use the recall feature in Gmail? How effective do you find it? Share your thoughts with us.

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