How Google’s Search Plus Your World Influences SEO

Google has been transformed to understand not only content but also relationships and people. This search engine giant has introduced ‘Search Plus Your World’ to ensure that your results are personalized. Per this change three new features will influence search results. Let’s take a look at what these influencing factors are.

How Search Plus Your World Influences SEO

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Profiles in search results: Through this feature Google finds and lists the people that you might be interested to follow on Google+.

Personal search results: Content and information like Google+ posts and images will also find their way on Google’s search result pages. Content especially that was meant only for you and those that you have shared with your circle of friends will be listed on Google’s search page results.

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Finding people and pages: On Google+ you will also be able to find and follow people and profiles related to your specific keyword search and based on your area of interest.

The aim and focus of SEO is to successfully provide the user with content that is worth being shared with and liked by his circle of friends. Google’s new algorithmic shift produces personalized search results for keywords that the user searches.

Best Strategies to Get Better Search Rankings

If you wish to find a better place on Google’s search result pages, you can consider adopting the following strategies:

1. Create a Google+ account in case you do not have one

It is but better late than never to create a Google+ account in case you do not have one. It is high time that you join the bandwagon of Google Plus users. As proof of life, Google is using the respective individual’s or brand’s Google Plus pages that are linked to websites. This applies to brands and people alike.

2. Aim at getting links from websites that are ranked high

Google plans to penalize low quality link building efforts. This makes it necessary that you aim at getting links from websites that are ranked high by Google. This is one of the ways how Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ will influence SEO. If you wish to do better on Google’s search result pages, you need to watch the kind of links you have built for your website.

3. Add more number of Google+ users to your account

Since your circle of friends on Google Plus has an influence on search results, you must consider adding as many people as you possibly can to your Google Plus account. One of the ways to increase your followers on Google+ is to create the awareness about your personal existence or the presence of your business on Google Plus.

Once you have a huge following on Google Plus you need to organize and manage your circle of friends. You can divide your followers into categories like partners, competitors, mentors, leaders and target audience among other categories.

4. Create and publish quality content

Above all, you need to focus on the kind of content that you generate. On Google Plus ensure that you update content that is original and meaningful. Quality content has greater potential of influencing search results for a particular searched keyword.

Apart from these, there however are other ways as well how Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ influences SEO.

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  • Updated December 27, 2015
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