How to Access Pinterest on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Pinterest is all the rage now and if you want instant access to your Pinboards whenever you want, and from wherever you are, then it’s necessary to download the Pinterest app to your mobile device. That said, Pinterest has officially released an app only for the iPhone. Android, Windows Phone 7 and tablet users will simply have to wait until the official app reaches Google Play or Windows Phone Marketplace. In this post, I’ll discuss ways on how to access Pinterest on your Smartphone or tablet.

How to Access Pinterest on Your Smartphone or Tablet

As I mentioned earlier, you can access Pinterest via the official app on your iPhone. If you have an Android or Windows Phone you can use third party apps available in the respective marketplaces. However, these third party apps have only limited functionality. Users do do not wish to use the third party apps, can browse Pinterest on their mobile browsers and use the Pin it Button to share and pin images.

To access Pinterest on your iPhone device:

Download the official Pinterest app from the Apple iTunes Store. It’s free and lets you organize and share your interests, browse pins, repin, like, comment, pin with your camera, and do almost everything that you can do on the website.

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To access Pinterest on your Android:

Third party app FasterPint (Faster Pinterest) lets you browse Pinterest, but doesn’t add much value otherwise. You could give it a try but user feedback isn’t really appetizing.

To access Pinterest on your Windows Phone:

Pinspiration is the third party app for Windows Phone users. This application lets you pin, repin and share photos and also supports a Live Tile that rotates the most popular pictures currently being shared. It is available as both a free ad supported version as well as a premium app.

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You can also try and add a Pin it bookmarklet to your mobile browser. The process is not exactly the easiest, but the Pinterest site has instructions on how to add the Pin It button to the iPad via the Safari browser. So do check it out if you cannot wait for the official app for the iPad.

And if you do find better apps for other devices or a better way to access Pinterest on your mobile device, drop us a line using the comments form.

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