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How to Add a Facebook Friend Using Your Android Phone

So you met a brilliant blogger, a few exceptional social media enthusiasts, some big shot company execs, and a whole bunch of web developers at a tech convention. There’s just one problem. Now that you’ve returned home, you just can’t remember all their names.  Instead of scouring the web for them, you can now instantly add them as your Facebook friend using the Instant Friend Android app. And that’s provided you have an Android device on you. Sorry mates, you’ll just have to wait for a while before this app is available on the iPhone or the Blackberry. Meanwhile, check out how to add a Facebook friend using your Android phone.

How to Add a Facebook Friend Using Your Android Phone

How to Add a Facebook Friend Using Your Android Phone

Ensure that you have the Facebook app installed on your phone. Instant Friend will use your Facebook login credentials to create a QR code.  The person you wish to add should do the same. The app then turns on the camera to scan the codes generated. Once the QR code is scanned, a Facebook request is sent and you can confirm them at a convenient time.

Instant Friend (Facebook)

Have you used Instant Friend to add contacts to your Facebook account?

UPDATE: This app is no longer available in the Play Store.

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