How to Add Pinterest Buttons to Your Email Signature

Pinterest has overshadowed the likes of Google and Facebook this past week and is continuing to make waves. If you are a blogger, or an entrepreneur, you can use social media icons in your email signature to connect and draw your audience to your  blog or website. Whether you use Gmail or Outlook 2010 as your email client, adding a Pinterest button should not take long. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add Pinterest buttons to your Email signature both Gmail and Outlook 2010.

Add Pinterest Buttons to Your Email Signature

To add Pinterest buttons to your Gmail signature:

WiseStamp is by far the best Gmail extension to add social icons to your Gmail signature.

You can learn more about how to create signatures with social media buttons using WiseStamp in my previous post.

To quickly refresh, you can add the Pinterest button to your Gmail signature by following these steps.

1. Install WiseStamp.

2. In the WiseStamp editor, in the Email Apps tab, scroll down until you find the Pinterest Follow button. Select it and then click Add App.

wisestamp editor

3. In the Pinterest Follow window, select the button you want to add to your signature, enter your Pinterest username, and click Add.

How to Add Pinterest Buttons to Your Email Signature

4. Select the Social Icons tab. Scroll down and select the Pinterest button. If you cannot find it immediately, click the Add button at the bottom until you find the Pinterest icon. In the adjacent text box, enter the Pinterest URL in the format

5. Click Apply and then click OK.

social icons

The next time you insert your Gmail signature, Pinterest will be displayed as part of your social media savvy signature.

To Add Pinterest Button to Your Outlook 2010 Signature

You can also add the Pinterest buttons in your Outlook signature. Just follow the steps given in this tutorial. Use this button small-pinterest-button   or one of your choice and link it to your Pinterest account.

The steps are quite simple, and you will be connecting to your clients and customers on your Pinterest board in no time at all.

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