How to Configure RSS Feeds in Outlook 2010

Google Reader is one of the most popular RSS readers out there, but did you know that Outlook 2010 also enables you to subscribe and access your favorite RSS articles? RSS feeds are quite easy to configure in Outlook 2010 and involves only a few steps. Subscribed feeds are displayed as subfolders within the RSS folder on the Navigation pane. Unread articles are highlighted in bold along with the count of unread items. There are quite a few ways in which you can subscribe to RSS feeds in Outlook. In this Outlook 2010 tutorial, we’ll look at two popular ways on how to configure RSS feeds in Outlook 2010.

How to Configure RSS Feeds While Browsing on Firefox

1. Browse to the web page that you want to subscribe to.

2. Click the RSS button RSS button that appears on the web page. If you are using Firefox, you can click the RSS button in the Address bar.

Note: If the RSS Feedburner page is displayed, you can also click Microsoft Outlook or View Feed XML.

How to Configure RSS Feeds in Outlook 2010

3. If Outlook 2010 is configured as your default mail client, a Microsoft Outlook message box will be displayed requesting confirmation of the feed. Click Yes.

Microsoft Outlook RSS message box

You can now start reading your favorite articles by navigating to the specific folder in the navigation pane.

You can also manually enter subscribe to RSS feeds in Outlook 2010. Here’s how.

How to Configure RSS Feeds in Outlook 2010 Manually

1. Select the File tab.

2. Click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.

Account Settings (2)

3. In the Account Settings dialog box, select the RSS Feeds tab and then click New.

RSS Feeds tab

4. In the New RSS Feed dialog box, enter the RSS Feed URL. For example, If you’re not sure of the URL you can right-click the Button image RSS icon, and copy the link location. Then paste the link in the text box.

New RSS feed

5.Click Add and then click OK.

I find Outlook to be the most convenient tool to read my RSS feeds. What about you. Which app do you prefer to read your favorite sites?

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