How to Delete Photos from the iPhone 4 Camera Roll

The photos that you capture with your iPhone camera are saved by default in the Camera Roll album. You can access the Camera Roll album directly from the Camera or from the Photos app. If you’ve got a whole lot of photos stacked up in your iPhone Camera Roll and want to get rid of them, this tutorial will show you how to delete photos from the iPhone 4 Camera roll.

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How to Delete Photos from the iPhone 4 Camera Roll

1. On the Home screen, tap Photos, and then tap Camera Roll album.

2. Tap the arrow button at the bottom-left corner of the screen to display additional options.

Camera Roll  Select Photos

3. Notice that, in the image above, the Delete button is activated at the bottom of the screen.

4. Tap the photos you want to delete. A check mark will be displayed. Tap Delete.

Select to deleteHow to Delete Photos from the iPhone 4

5. In the next screen, tap Delete Selected Items to delete the selected pictures.

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