How to Delete Unwanted Music From Your Galaxy Tab

Music files that are usually synced from your Windows 7 media player are stored on the Galaxy Tab’s MicroSD card. If you got carried away with your music downloads and have used up too much of the storage space, you may want to delete some of the music files. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to delete unwanted music from your Galaxy Tab.

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How to Delete Unwanted Music From Your Galaxy Tab

If you’re using the default Music app on your Galaxy tab, here’s how you delete music files you no longer need.

1. Tap the music app and locate the music that you want to delete. Select any music category except the Playlist. When you delete music from a playlist it does not get permanently removed from the Tab.

2. In this example, I will delete songs from the Songs tab. Long press the song you want to delete and tap Delete.

Delete option
3. In the Delete message box, click Delete to confirm the deletion.

How to Delete Unwanted Music From Your Galaxy Tab

The music file is now deleted permanently from the MicroSD card. Once the song has been deleted, you cannot undo the deletion. If you want the song added back to your tab, you will have to download it again.

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