How to Double Space an Excel Worksheet

If you are working on an Excel worksheet, that contains a lot of data, youmay find reading through the various cells a bit tiring, especially when the data is crunched into each cell. This is probably because the Excel data has single line spacing. To make data more easily readable and clearly presentable, you may consider formatting the worksheet contents with double line spacing. This is a pretty simple task, and this Excel 2010 tutorial will show you how to double space an Excel worksheet.

How to Double Space an Excel Worksheet

1. In the Excel worksheet, select the rows for which you want to apply the double spacing.

Rows selected in Excel

2. Right-click the highlighted cells and from the context menu choose Row Height.

Row height

3. The Row Height dialog box is displayed. You’ll notice that the current row height holds a default value of 12.75 or 15, depending on the font type and size.

Row Height dialog box

4. In the Row height text box, delete the current value and enter double its value. For example, if you have 12.5 by default, remove it and enter 25. Similarly, if you have 15 by default, remove it and enter 30.

New Row height

5. Click OK to close the Row Height dialog box. You can now see that the data has double spacing.

How to Double Space an Excel Worksheet

That’s one quick way of creating double spacing in Excel. Do you know any Excel tips that you’d like to share with us. Send us an email at with your Tip and we’ll share them with our readers.

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