How to Export a Hotmail Calendar

While it’s nice to maintain your personal appointments in your Hotmail calendar, there may be times when you need to access these appointments from another email client, say Gmail, which you may use for work purposes. In such a scenario, it may be time consuming to log in to each email client to check your schedules. The export feature helps you transfer your calendar settings from one email client to another thus saving you the trouble of having to login to multiple email clients to check your schedules. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to export a Hotmail calendar.

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How to Export a Hotmail Calendar

1. Login to Hotmail.

2. From the top menu, select Calendar.

Hotmail Calendar

3. In the toolbar, click the Share drop-down and select the calendar you want to export.

Share calendar

4. In the Sharing settings page, select Share this calendar.

5. Check the Send people a view-only link to your calendar check box and then click Get your calendar links.

get your calendar links

6. In the Sharing confirmation message box, click OK to publish your calendar on the web at a private URL.

Sharing confirmation message box

7. In the Links that show event details section, click ICS: Import into another calendar application.

ICS option

8. From the ICS Links message box, copy the URL and click OK close the dialog box.

How to Export a Hotmail Calendar

9. Paste the link into another browser window. Then replace webcal at the beginning of the address with http and hit Enter.

10. The browser will now download your calendar’s ICS as a .ics file

Once the export is complete, you can uncheck the Send people a view-only link to your calendar checkbox so that your calendar is no longer shared via a private URL.

Exporting calendar events will only transfer the existing calendar events. If you have made further changes to the Hotmail calendar, you will need to export the calendar again to view the additions.

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