How to install apps for your Windows 6.5 Mobile from a .cab file

Since the recent release of Windows 7 mobile OS, its popularity has increased to a great extent. I hear a lot of talk about the new OS and how cool it is. One of the coolest things about smartphones is that you can download and have fun with apps that range from games, to social interests. If you have only recently purchased a Windows phone, you will want to install apps on the phone. Just to make things easy for you, this article helps you install apps for your Windows 6.5 mobile using CAB files.

How to Install Apps for your Windows 6.5 Mobile from a .cab file

install apps for your Windows 6.5 device

You can install software applications on your mobile phone in one of two ways, depending on how the software is provided to you. Before you get started, ensure that you backup all your contact information.

The steps for installing an app from a .cab file is as follows:

1. Connect the phone to the PC with the USB cable.

2. Navigate to the application (On the PC).

3. Open ActiveSync on your PC.

4. Click Explore.

5. Copy the file to \Storage\Windows\Start Menu\Accessories on your Windows Mobile powered device.

6. Click Start > Accessories

7. Scroll to the .cab file.

Note: If you don’t see the file in Start > Accessories, use File Manager to find and open the file. Open the .cab file. (The application will automatically install itself on your mobile phone.)

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If you have trouble installing or have found out a simpler process do let us know.

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