How to Play iTunes Music in Windows Media Center

The iTunes music player may allow you to manage your music files pretty well, but if you’re looking for a cool interface to enjoy playing your music, you may want to look elsewhere. Windows Media Center is a fantastic platform for your entertainment needs and if you want to enjoy your iTunes music on the platform, this tutorial will be your guide. Here is the procedure to play iTunes music in Windows Media Center.

How to Play iTunes Music in Windows Media Center

1. Open the iTunes Music library on your computer. If you are not sure of the location, open iTunes, on the left navigation pane, in the Library section, click Music.

How to Play iTunes Music in Windows Media Center

From the Edit menu, click Preferences. Then select the Advanced tab. You will find the iTunes library location.

advanced itunes preferences

2. Launch Windows Media Center. Scroll down to Tasks and then click Settings.

windows media center tasks

3. In the next screen, click Media Libraries.

media libraries

4. In the Media Library page, select Music and click Next.

music library

5. In the Music page, select Add folders to the library and click Next.

add folders to the library

6. In the Add folders for Music page, select On this computer and click Next.

add folders for music

7. In the Select folders that contain music page, navigate to the location that you identified in Step 1, select it and click Next.

select folders

8. In the Next screen, select Yes, use this location and click Finish.

Navigate back to the main menu, scroll up or down and select Music. You’re all set to listen to your iTunes music from Windows Media Center.

You can follow the steps in this procedure to access music files from any other location on your PC or from another PC. There might be a few variations in the steps, but I’m sure you will be able to figure it out as you go along. If you don’t let us know in the comments section.

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