HTC Vive Game Launch : Drunk or Dead

A new zombie shooter has launched on HTC Vive and if you are the lucky owner of one such device, you can indulge in some fantasy slaying with Drunk or Dead. The game just launched on Steam and its an absurdly funny game that you might just enjoy playing, especially with your pals. Here are some more details on the game.

Drunk or Dead HTC Vive Game

Drunk or Dead

In Drunk or Dead, you find yourself in a bar with a zombie apocalypse happening around you. The virus that has caused the infestation only attacks sober people.

That’s your cue to get drunk and that’s precisely what you proceed to do in the game. But drunk or not, your life is still at risk and so you must pick up your weapon and shoot down the zombies heading your way.

One of the interesting facets of this drink and shoot game is that when you are drunk, as is always the case, your shooting is sloppy. When you are sober, you shoot better. However, drinking has the effect of slowing down time. So the more drunk you are, the slower the zombies get to you.

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Drunk or Dead HTC Vive game

When you kill the zombies you earn points (depending on your drunkenness) and when the zombies get to you, you become sober. With your VR on, drinking actually gives the effect of feeling wobbly with double vision leaving you with a lot of room to goof up. The key to staying alive is therefore to avoid drinking in excess or sobering up too much.

If you want to goof around with your pals with a fast, frenzied, and wholesomely funny entertainer, consider checking out Drunk or Dead. Its available on Steam at $4.79 (usually $5.99).

Visit Steam to pick up the game

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  • Updated January 27, 2017
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