Insert a Customized Watermark in a Word 2010 Document

Watermarks are text or images that help identify the status of the document. Although they can be used to make a document look more intriguing, it is mostly used to tell the reader if the document is confidential, or in draft mode. Whatever be the reason for using watermarks, they are definitely an invaluable part of document creation. In my previous post, I explained how to add a watermark to a Word 2010 document. You can use the default watermark that is built into Word, but you can also  customize the watermark to add a more personal touch to the watermark. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to insert a customized watermark in Word 2010.

 How to Insert a Customized Watermark in a Word 2010 Document

1. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Watermark.

2. In the Watermark gallery, select Custom Watermark.

Insert a Customized Watermark

Note: You need to insert a watermark to enable the Custom Watermark option.

3. The Printed Watermark dialog box is displayed. Select an option from this dialog box.

a. Picture Watermark:

Allows you to set a picture as a watermark. You can navigate to the desired folder to add the picture. The Washout option is selected by default to ensure that the image remains faded out and does not affect the visibility of the document’s contents.

picture watermark

b. Text Watermark:

Allows you to add a text watermark to the document and set the language, text, font, size, color, and layout of the text watermark.

text watermark

4. Click Apply to apply the custom watermark to the document.

Now that you know how to insert a customized watermark to your document, go ahead and use them in your documents.

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