iPhone Apps that Help Manage and Monitor Personal Information

There has never been a shortage of entertaining applications for the iPhone, from absorbing puzzle games to picture editing services. Users looking for serious applications—applications that help manage and monitor personal information—have a harder time finding something dependable and safe. However developers are getting better and better at designing applications that offer dependable and practical services for the organized iPhone user. Below are some of the more trusted iPhone apps for those who could benefit from mobile management.

3 iPhone apps that help manage and monitor personal information


MintMint is a fantastic and free financial management application for the iPhone (and Android). With its simple interface, Mint allows the user to seamlessly switch between monetary accounts to view exactly where you stand in your finances. Mint categorizes your expenses, so a meal at a local restaurant would automatically be filed under a “Food” category. Similarly a monthly payment to the electric company could be filed under “Utilities.” These categories are customizable so you can allocate your funds as you see fit. And your financial information will be safe: Mint secures your financial data with bank-level protection software so you won’t have to worry about leaving your finances vulnerable to exploitation.

Download Mint from iTunes.


dropboxDropbox is a free management application for the iPhone that assists the user in the management of general data like photos, text documents, and other personal media. The application essentially creates a network among your devices, making all your information accessible from your smart phone. Dropbox syncs with other electronic devices like desktops, laptops, and tablets and allows you to draw from them at any time. Say you’re traveling and you realize you forgot to send yourself an excel spreadsheet of key figures and projections for a meeting. With Dropbox you can access that spreadsheet from your iPhone and avert a potential crisis.

Download Dropbox from iTunes.

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iPhone appsIf you have multiple login names and passwords for various personal accounts, you may want to consider downloading 1Password to keep track of them. No more scribbling new user names and passwords on scrap paper with the vague hope that the paper will help you remember your information in the future. 1Password stores your usernames and passwords, as well as banking information and other sensitive data, for your convenience so you don’t have to keep track of everything. 1Password also allows you to easily copy/paste your sensitive information into websites so you don’t have to memorize anything. 1Password itself is secured with a customizable 4-digit password and another, more complex password so you can keep your information safe. Considering that most online services require a user name and password, 1Password is a solid investment even at $9.99. Ten bucks now is a small price to pay for dependable security of your personal information.

Download 1Password from iTunes.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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