Why iPhone Beats Android When it Comes to Gaming

The world of mobile gaming is divided into two main camps, iOS and Android. Despite the assortment of other companies that comprise the market, the battle for mobile supremacy is at its most contentious between the aforementioned duo. Google and Apple have been locked in a bitter rivalry for half a decade now, a competition that has catalyzed a smartphone explosion. One facet that has facilitated the immense growth of mobile devices has been the incorporation of gaming.

Smartphones and tablets are now embraced as true gaming consoles by both hardcore and casual gamers due to the efforts of creative developers and fantastic games. This has also debatably widened the gap between iPhone and Android loyalists who argue that their device reigns supreme within the arena of gaming. While decisive victory hinges on personal preference, many would agree that team iPhone takes the crown.

Advantages of iOS over Android in Gaming

Whether you align with the trendy iPhone or hang a green flag on behalf of team Android, iOS has definitive advantages in the arena of gaming. Apple’s App Store boasts the best of the best when it comes to mobile games. Lack of third-party support could be viewed as a limitation of the iOS, but every app is more rigorously scrutinized, and must reach a certain standard in order to make it to the App Store. Beyond providing more trusted sources for their apps, the iPhone boasts far more exclusive selections than Android. Nearly every best-selling game in the Android’s repertoire is also present on the iPhone, but not vice versa.

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Apple users are simply willing to pay more money for their apps which means developers can spend more in the gaming development process. In fact, in 2011, a survey conducted by Android app maker Swiftkey revealed that compared to only 10 percent of Android users, 39 percent of iPhone users had more than 20 paid apps on their device. While Android is beginning to catch up, with more funding, studios are able to create a better games and in this regard, iPhone still takes the cake.

Adding to the debate, statistics show that Android’s piracy problems remain a huge roadblock in the effort to attract major developers. From hacking to illegally obtaining apps, some studios are reporting piracy rates as high as 83%. This type of behavior has deterred many developers from expanding their products onto Google Play, increasing Apple’s hold on exclusive games.

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Although Android boasts its own advantages in the arena of gaming, such the appeal of free apps, iPhones arguably dominate the mobile gaming industry with higher quality games, exclusive downloads, and the support of major developers.

Bio: Taylor Stein is an avid gamer, sushi lover, and overall nerd. After founding a gaming-related site of her own, GamerGirlTay.com, she went on to intern at G4TV, and is now a freelance videogame writer whose work can be found on Destructoid, G4, 1UP, Bitmob and more.

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  • Updated December 25, 2015
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