Tips for iPhone Photo Recovery After iOS 8 Jailbreak

Only technology enthusiasts can understand the rush of laying hands on a new OS or an update and discovering that a flaw has caused some nasty side effects, resulting in data loss. Something similar happened to users of Apple devices who did an iOS 8 jailbreak. Users found out that a bug in the device used to jailbreak iOS 8 caused photo and other data loss. If you have found yourself in such a situation, read on to discover the ways iPhone photo recovery is possible after jailbreaking your iOS 8 device.

What is iOS Jailbreak?

Generally, when an Apple device is launched, there are a lot of restrictions applied on its features. Jailbreak is the process of using hardware and software workarounds to remove these restrictions and enjoy all the features of the device to the fullest. Through jailbreak, users can obtain access to the root folder of the device and can hence extend their privileges to download additional applications, themes and extensions and maximize their iOS experience.

When you discover your photos are missing on the device used to jailbreak iOS 8, you don’t need to panic. They’re not lost, they’ve just been moved to a different location on the device. You will find most of the photos in the new additions to the Photos app, viz. Recently Added and Recently Deleted. The photos will include details such as the date and time of taking the photos as well as an option to recover them if they are deleted by accident. It is important to state here that this is the most appropriate time to recover accidentally deleted photos since any delay will lead to permanent loss.

Techniques for iPhone Photo Recovery After a Jailbreak

iphone photo recovery

In case you are unable to find your photos anywhere on your device, use the techniques mentioned below for iPhone photo recovery after iOS 8 jailbreak.

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iCloud backup

1. Erase all data from your phone.

2. On your phone, go to Settings -> iCloud ->Storage & Backup -> Manage Storage.

3. Select your iPhone’s name to view all backups you’ve made using iCloud. Then select the iCloud backup you wish to restore.

Limitation – This process is lengthy and time consuming. It will require you to connect your iPhone to a power source during the process. Also, to perform this backup you will first have to empty your phone.

iTunes Backup

1. Plug in your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.

2. In the iTunes menu, right click on iPhone and select “Restore from Backup”. If your phone is new or recently erased, iTunes will prompt you to restore from backup.

3. Select the backup file you want to restore and then click on Restore.

Important Note: Before you recover data using iTunes, do not sync your iPhone with it.

Backup through a third-party software

You can also use a third-party software for the recovery. Some good ones include Tenorshare, Dr.Fone for iOS, iPhone Backup Extractor, iOS Data Recovery and Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iOS. You can find more details about the latter at

Apart from the software mentioned above, there are tools that can help you in achieving a clean jailbreak so you don’t suffer from unexpected side-effects. One such awesome tool is PanGu. PanGu is developed by a Chinese team of the iOS community. This tool uses a cancelled enterprise certificate to introduce the jailbreak, but this certificate is removed after the jailbreak is complete. Not only does this tool help you in achieving the jailbreak, but it also helps you in recovering your data after it. The team at PanGu emphasizes that you take a backup of your data before starting the jailbreak.

Wrapping it Up

Be it iOS, Mac or Windows, the best strategy to safeguard your photos and data is to make sure you backup everything before you start. Then if you do suffer from photo loss, recovery is possible from the iOS backups or through third party software.

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