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Has Social Media Become Over Commercialized?

Commercials are any advertisements in the form of text, image, or a series of images or even a video. In earlier times you could see commercials on television channels, newspapers, magazines, brochures and pamphlets. After people started taking more interest in social media and the internet became a center of attention for all age groups, advertisers started taking advantage of this by publishing commercials on every social webpage and website they could. This is a great way of earning extra cash but has social media become over commercialized?

Has Social Media Become Over Commercialized : User Experience

Although commercializing on the internet is a great way to earn a strong income, it has also disturbed people who use social media everyday. The reason for this is that more and more companies have diverted their attention to this business and so the competition has increased. As the competition in this field has increased, the companies have started buying more and more space on social web pages and websites to advertise and place commercials.

Has Social Media Become Over Commercialized

Consequently, when a person visits any of these social web pages or websites, it is compulsory for them to view the advertisements and there is no way to remove or hide them. If they do remove or hide the advertisements, other means to display them pop up. A person cannot view a social web page, see a movie or view a slideshow without seeing tons of advertisements on the webpage. People have become upset from being bombarded with these constant commercials on the social media platform.

Social networking websites have started this business and so have search engines. Social networking websites and search engines count for about 30% of the World Wide Web and they contain advertisements to quite a large extent.

Questions to be answered

What do you think about the over commercialism of the internet, especially social media and what do you think should be done? Do you agree with the fact that the internet is becoming too overly commercialized? Do you think something should be done to help improve a viewers’ experience ? Do you think over commercialism on social networking websites is unduly affecting the user experience?

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    • Alyse January 17, 2013, 5:53 am

      I seem to always find myself commenting on topics such as this. I understand the point of advertisements because you need to pay your investors, employees, etc. But I do believe there is a definite line between advertising for profit and advertising for greed. Many Social Networks have started to become a little too greedy for me. Facebook being the worst culprit with one of the newer features including companies that you didn’t like in your news feeds. But as for Twitter and Instagram its rare that I am faced with an advertisement being shoved down my throat. GREAT POST!