Effective Methods to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation

Nothing is more annoying than getting an error message while opening a PowerPoint presentation on which you have worked so hard. However, you need not to panic even in such cases as Microsoft suggests some really helpful resolution methods. The brief explanations of these methods to repair corrupt PowerPoint presentations are discussed in this article.

How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Presentations

How to Repair Corrupt  PowerPoint Presentations

Method 1: Use Slides from the Files

This is the basic and very first method that at times, recovers some or all of the corrupt presentations. Follow the below mentioned steps for the same:

1. Open a blank presentation.

2. Go to ‘Insert’ menu and click ‘Slides from Files’ option.

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3. Browse for your corrupt file from the ‘Slide Finder’ dialog box.

4. Click ‘Insert All’. However, if ‘Insert All’ does not work, then click ‘Insert to insert individual slides’.

Method 2: Search for Temp file

Sometimes you have the Temp files of a lost PowerPoint presentation file. Follow the below mentioned steps to check for the Temp file:

1. Go to ‘Start’ and click ‘Search’.

2. Type ‘*.TMP’ in the ‘All or part of the file name’ box.

3. Select the ‘Local Hard Drives’ or ‘My Computer’ in the ‘Look in’ list.

4. Click ‘Search’.

5. After the completion of the search process, you have to click the ‘Date Modified’ button available at the top of the ‘Search Result’ pane.

6. Search for the Temp file that is created around the time you have lost your file.

7. Open the PowerPoint file and then from the ‘File’ menu click ‘Open’.

8. Click the ‘Files of Type’ box and then click ‘All Files’.

9. Go to the folder in which, the TMP file is located.

10. Select the TMP file and click ‘Open’.

Method 3: Open the PowerPoint Presentation in Word

Try to open your PowerPoint file in Word by following the below mentioned steps:

1. Open MS Word.

2. Click ‘Open’ on ‘File’ menu.

3. On the ‘Open’ dialog box, select the arrow next to ‘Files of Type’ box and click ‘Recover Text From Any File’.

4. Navigate to the corrupt PPT file, select it and after that click to ‘Open’ it.

If you are able to open your PowerPoint file here, then you can move back to PowerPoint application by selecting ‘File>>Send to’ and then clicking Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Method 4: Relocate your file to some other place

Sometimes issues with the storage media causes inaccessibility of the file, thus moving the file to some other location can resolve the problem.

  • If your PowerPoint presentation is saved on any removable media, then copy that file to your local hard drive and then try to open it.
  • Move your file to some other computer and then try to open it.
  • Locate the file to another drive of your computer and then try to open it there.

Method 5: Use a Professional PowerPoint File Recovery Tool

If none of the above mentioned resolutions work, then use of an efficient PowerPoint file recovery software can do the needful. Reliable PowerPoint recovery software repairs corrupt or inaccessible PowerPoint file, and shows the preview of slides before saving them. Reliable tool performs raw recovery for severely corrupt files.

Author Bio: This Guest Post is written by Adam Gorge. Adam is currently researching Microsoft PowerPoint . He is an expert handler of PowerPoint errors, PowerPoint File corruption errors etc. He has written many articles on Third Party PowerPoint Recovery Software, PowerPoint File corruption issues, PowerPoint inbuilt utilities etc.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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